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Face Take Two

19 Jan


In Life, it takes a lot of courage, patience and determination to stand strong against people who don’t have your best interest in your heart.

Not everyone in the World had the same values and not everyone has the same opportunities.  It’s interesting how deeply people affect each other.

These days I am focusing on making sure that negativity stays far from my mind.  Spreading love and goodness will be on the forefront of my mind.  Not everyone shares the same views or perception.

Why do people do bad things?

If we only knew the answer to that question.

Guitar Playing Hero

18 Dec


Music is a great element in Life that keeps people happy.

Recently, in the Nursing/Rehabilitation Center I work at, I paired up with the local high school to give young musicians the chance for a part time job.

My job as the Recreation Director is to provide the Residents with entertainment that keeps them busy and happy throughout the course of the day. The facility I work in has 314 Residents and planning activities that everyone enjoys is not easy.

Many people have different hobbies and interest.

However, what I find that almost all people truly enjoy is music.

No matter what a person’s ethnicity, background or age, most people when music starts playing, get happy and will sing and dance.

It’s is phenomenal to watch a person’s demeanor change, someone who might have been having a bad or hopeless day, perk up and find enjoyment while listening to the sound of live music.

However, I don’t have a budget to hire musicians around the clock and to hire professionals is quite expensive.

Hiring a high school student for a fair hourly rate would be the perfect solution.

This would allow me to have music for the Residents for many additional hours per week.  Music makes the Residents happy and will help them to feel more calm.

It was also good that some of the local youth would have an opportunity to get a part time job and make some money.

It took me 2 months to find the right candidate and today the student musician started his first day working in the facility.

He was professional, his attitude was just right and his music was perfect for the Residents.

He played deep, soothing music and he sang with passion. His soft tunes helped the Residents settle into a calm mood.

He played in the common area and he played in Resident’s rooms for people who are unable to get out of bed due to their medical condition.

It was purely amazing to watch this young man, who had never been in a Nursing Facility before, adapt gracefully into his his surroundings by helping people ease their moods with beautiful music.

A Nursing/Rehabilitation facility is not the easiest place to work.  There is often a great deal of heartache that comes along w people being sick.

However, it has been my experience from working that music helps Residents reduce stress and relieve pressure. It helps them feel better and music is a catalyst that prompts people to relax.

For the young man, this is his first job.

For him, the experience is going to be fulfilling and it is going to be challenging.  He is going to learn a lot about healing, sickness and Life and Death

This young man will learn things about himself that he never had known before he stepped into our World with his guitar.

It will be my pleasure to help guide him along his journey by providing him with the opportunity to work.  Together we will help make the every day lives of people better.

Music, Music, Magic Music.

“And I…yeeeee I……had a feeling that I belonged. I……yeeee…..I..had a feeling I could be someone……be someone.”  – Tracy Chapman


18 Dec


Monday Morning

15 Dec


Weekends go by so quickly and then Monday mornings roll around and the work week starts all over again.

It’s an interesting Life and the surprises never end.

This morning I started my day off in prayer.  Thanking God for my blessings, feeling grateful for good things and keeping hopeful that Life becomes better than it is right now and happiness stays at the forefront of each day.

So have a great day today, slip in a prayer or two of thanks, pray for your family and friends and grab this day by the sunshine and continue on happily and content.

Much Love.  Happy Monday!


King of Pain

14 Dec

It is sad when other people influence others to hate and to be cruel.

In this World there are Leaders and Followers.

Hopefully Leaders spread a good message…….although often this is not the case.

Keep strong.

King Of Pain – The Police (HQ Audio + Lyrics): http://youtu.be/B3l0kpl5tA4


Uptown Head High

10 Dec

It has been raining all week.

People become gloomy in the rain!

But there is no need to feel gloomy with good people around who enjoy laughing and fun!

It is important to spread positive energy at any points possible.

Even when things are out of the ordinary or not going to plan.

But since when do plans always go according to what we think……..

We can only work hard to do what we can to live well, enjoy Life and keep happy.

The Flow Must Go anyway you look at it…..so might as well look good.



Long Days

10 Dec

Excitment is something that keeps people interested in doing new things.

At this moment, I am not too excited in my Life.

These past few weeks, I have been having horrible chest pains. Thinking I had a walking pneumonia or was on the brink of having a heart attack I consulted with a doctor.

After some Xrays and evaluation, the Doc diagnosed me with an ailment: condochondritis. He explained the cartilage that connects my ribs to my chest bone is inflamed.

He printed me out an explanation, wrote me a prescription and bid me on my way.

It wasn’t to days later, did I even notice the explanation he printed. It appears that my diagnosis has nothing to do w severe heart or lung problems but is caused by emotional trauma or stress.

Recommendations: Get a deep tissue massage and get your Life together.

Lol stress is hurting me so much it has internalized to physical pain. I am still stunned that this is even possible.

Well on a bright optimistic side, I am no longer worried about dropping from a heart attack, although one never can tell.

So in the meantime, I am going to have to get things under stress control and do things that make me feel good and relaxed. It is better to release energy on exciting things in Life.

It is painful to internalize stress. And this is no way to live.

Stress relief sounds like a very nice change.

One day at a time……


Life Changes

9 Dec

It is hard when Life changes in ways that are unexpected.

It has been my experience that just when I am getting comfortable with my Life and everything happening, the World will pull a quick one and everything I was sure and comfortable with over turns.

It is then I realize that with hard times helps me to fully appreciate good times.

Losing people in Life is hard.  Despite the sadness that comes along with loss, it is important to remember every good thing that happened and how the people along the way help to shape us into the type of people we are today.