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Get Tech?

26 Jan


In a World where technology advances at amazing speeds, it’s hard to keep track of everything that is happening throughout the globe.

Just the other day my Uncle was telling me, with enough money I could buy my own personal submarine that comes with a full training on safety and operation.




Meanwhile, over in Brooklyn I am setting up my wireless HP Officejet Pro 8610 so I can use my scan to email feature.

Sadly, that will be the only jet I embark on today….


Developing new technology usually supports innovative thinking and makes Life easier and more convenient.

Technology advances to serve purpose.

I am thankful for my wireless printer that can scan my paper documents and email them directly to my inbox.  This tool is helping me to achieve my goals……One step at a time.

Jet to Jet….


One Great Big Ball of Life

24 Jan



One of the most interesting parts of Life is that it is impossible to predict what will happen next and surprises arise on a steady pace of regularity.

Regular surprises….two words that contradict each other….. true irony.

Enjoy each and every day, no matter what happens, keep faith and head up with hope for good things and that the true meaning of each day is to maximizing happiness by sharing kindness.  Lead by example.

Rest Less Rest

10 Jan


It is important to keep busy and it is necessary to stay involved in parts of Life that keep you happy and motivated to be a better person.

In a World full of unrest, it is wise to think truly about the best ways to contribute to the goodness of the World and how to make things better in your scope of reach.

Judgments and words are easy to give but using your drive and utilizing your skills to help others is a true act of courage.

Don’t be afraid.

Keep Going.

Zoom Up, Float Down

31 Jan


Life is full of action.  Often I am surprised by the crazy situations that occur on what seems like a constant basis.

Luck goes down and luck rises again. Things are bad and then hopefully, they turn for good.

Between the good and bad situations there is a steady balance of crazy.

Patiently I am waiting for times to change for the better and I hope to live each day with joy in my heart.

Each day I will focus on good and keep my eyes open to the beauty in my surroundings.  Counting my blessings and being grateful will reign top on my mind.

Keeping brave and courageous is the main goal.

Having Faith and following God’s plan is the path I am traveling.  Lending help to people whenever I can keeps me aware of my good fortunes and helps me stay grounded.

Having Love for people will stay strong in my Heart, even if we have differences or experience difficulties.

If things were up to me, I would never leave you and you have a friend in me for Life.

Be good, treat people well and share Love. 

The Difference you want to see in the World starts with YOU.

No, really, it does……

String of Reactions

8 Jan


Life is full of surprises.

One can never tell who will come into their Lives.

One can never tell who will leave their Lives.

So many different factors play into the way Life unfolds.

Loving someone with mental illness is very difficult.

A mental illness is a medical condition that disrupts a person’s thinking, feeling, mood or ability to relate to other people that can result in  a disruption of daily functioning.

People with mental illness are unpredictable and it is difficult to tell what kind of behaviors this type of person will exhibit when their stress level hits an ultimate high point.

The hardest part of dealing with someone very close to you who has mental illness, is that at many times, when things have hit a low, these types of people aren’t very nice and they don’t care if their behaviors lead others to hurt or suffer.  They exhibit very selfish traits and they don’t feel bad if they cause other’s harm.

It’s really difficult to not give up on someone who has mental illness.  It is difficult to keep confident in people when they aren’t nice to you and the things they do lead you to feel bad.

Being a loyal person makes it hard to give up on people, even if they do exhibit behaviors that aren’t good.

When people you thought you could rely on, treat you badly, this is very frustrating.

One of my staff, X, is also having a hard time dealing with someone in his Life who is exhibiting behaviors of a mentally unsound person.

After he told me his story, I felt frustrated for him, as I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of someone’s negative mind.

Together, we were having a really bad day.

In order to take out some frustration, I handed him a package that had just arrived for me in the mail.  Inside the package, is a gift that I intended to give someone special, but as Life has happened, I hadn’t had the opportunity to present yet.

Motioning for X to follow me, I handed him the sealed box, and told him to come outside. Another one of my staff, curious, followed us to see where we were going and what we were doing.

Walking towards the door, to the backyard outside, I instructed X to open the box and I told him that what was inside the box, we were going to smash to the ground.

When Life hands you frustrating situations, perhaps a little venting might produce some stress relief.

Instead of smashing someone’s psyche or making someone feel bad, smashing something to hear a loud sound and to exert some strong force seemed like the lesser of two evils.

X was excited, nervous and curious all at once. We had both hit a very high stress level and standing outside with no jackets, in the freezing cold, in the middle of snow, holding a package we were about to smash, got us to stop for a second and take some time to realize that there are decisions we can take to make things in our Life better or worse.

He tore open the box, curious to know what  we were going to destroy.

As he ripped open the card board, he pulled out a  black case, just over 2 ft long.

He looked confused, as he slowly unzipped the case.

Inside, he found a brand new beautiful, baby blue violin.

X looked up to me with fear in his eyes. He looked long and hard, studying my face, wondering why I wanted him to smash this perfect little instrument into the ground.

As he looked into my eyes, I said, “Ok, now with one shot, smash it to the ground.  It makes no sense to bash people, to hurt others with words, to hurt anyone physically, when you can just smash this right now and get out some of your frustration.”

He knew I wasn’t joking.

He was holding the small beautiful violin in one of his hands.  He looked towards me and then he looked at the ground.

His eyes started filling up with tears.

I can’t do it.  I can’t smash this violin.  I just can’t break this , I am sorry.  I don’t know who you got this for, but I can’t destroy this instrument. Maybe tomorrow I will do it, but not today.

I smiled and gave him a hug, motioning for him to follow me inside.

Honestly, I was happy that he didn’t smash the violin.  I had bought the violin as a gift for someone I love.

The violin is symbolic of someone’s dream. The beautiful little violin is perfect.

Someone wished for that violin to learn to play beautiful music, which is something that will bring joy to people, not hurt.

It gave me hope that my friend didn’t smash the violin.  His strength helped me realize that we are responsible for each choice we make.

My friend had a real stressful few days and he was telling me over the weekend he had come to his knees begging God for strength to make strong choices not to do anything that would cause anyone ill harm.

He had been placed in a situation where he had to make a choice to react in peace or in a manner that might have changed his Life forever.

He said that he got on his knees holding onto an elephant bracelet that was made for him as a gift from a very special young child who is the daughter of one of my friends.

He loves that bracelet and he never takes it off. It was made for him out of love from a child, the most pure form of love that exists.

I was glad that he was able to draw strength from something that makes him feel security.

“Funny, I said, It’s very interesting that you are telling me this story – because the violin is a gift for the very same little girl who made you that bracelet.  Life takes people in different places, maybe I will give it to her, maybe I won’t, but either way it represents hope for good things.”

He was very happy that we hadn’t bashed the violin into pieces.  He was happy that I still have the violin and will be able to give it to that very special young girl, who is protecting us and teaching us lessons without her even knowing.

The true magnificence of a beautiful soul.

Don’t ask any of my friends – they will tell you that I am the craziest of them all…….

But I dare say, I beg to differ………….

Beating Drum

3 Jan


There is always so much on the mind.  Life is a series of interesting events.  So much happens throughout the course of one year.

It’s amazing how quickly things can change.  This is one of the most fascinating parts of Life, the unforseen events that take place and the unpredictability of each day.

Learning to keep a positive mind will help good things to occur.  Wishing for the best for everyone is one way to achieve happiness.

In Life things won’t always go the way we wish, but keeping faith in ourselves and God will keep peace in our hearts.

Negativity needs to be managed and the focus of the mind should be on what beneficial and positive actions we can take to improve our surroundings.

Not everyone will be understanding and some people will be cruel.  Situations are sometimes difficult and our will to live as good, loving people will constantly be tested.

Do what you can to make your best Life.  Support other people and make your way through each day with as much grace and mind control as you can to see Life through beautiful eyes.

Most importantly, try to see the Lives of other people from different perspectives.  Things in Life change and progress.  Not everything stays the same, so seeing how other people view things can help you to become better people and give you the ability to grow, share and teach.

“My heart is a beating drum
Moves mountains it’s so strong
My love is a silent song
Everybody moves
Everybody moves

And I wait all day, I won’t give up
’Till the sound of the drums bring you back to Love
And I wait all day, I won’t give up

Back to love
Back to love”. – Armin Van Buuren feat. Laura Jansen

Armin van Buuren – Sound of the Drums Feat. Laura…: http://youtu.be/G2Ujt1vXJOc


A Subtle Emphasis

3 Jan


What does it mean to be in Love?

Writing this may be one of the hardest things I have ever written.  Have I ever be in love?  Am I confused as to what it means to be in love?  I’m not sure.  How honest can I be with myself?

When something pulls at your heart, you wonder will it turn out the way you hope?  Wanting something so badly, but knowing right now is impractical.  Do your feelings make sense; does Love fit into your Life the way you thought it would? 

When thinking about love, there is a story two people share – a subtle emphasis of feelings. Feelings that can be non-threatening, self – lying, sacrifice making; self -doubting collision of connection.  

Love is non-threatening because it is subtle.  Love is-self lying because sometimes we purposely push our feelings aside.  Love is a sacrifice because pushing aside feelings can hurt both parties.  Self -doubting because it forces you to make a choice. 
Most importantly, Love is a connection linking people’s most inner thoughts and emotions. 

Every person has a different perspective about Love because not everyone views Life’s experiences the same.  Truthfully it is difficult for me to verbalize my feelings of passion. It is hard for me to put my feelings into words. 

How do people acknowledge feelings that are so deep and intimate? What is love and passion?  Love and passion is being able to look in someone’s eyes and see how they look back – a soft look of hope and understanding; a look of complete comfort. 

You can be the best person you are because your passion is pure. You can communicate without using words.  Some experiences send excitement to the heart which fulfills the soul. 

Pure passion is a force so electrifying; your heart beats faster leaving you breathless.  The world around you seems oblivious. 

Passion cannot be controlled. It is something I feel.  It is something you feel.

Is this passion real? Think about how it feels to pretend that deep feelings like love and passion don’t exist. Can anyone truly control their emotions or passion?  Sometimes I have great control over my emotions.  Other times when my passion grows so intense I lose control.

Once I told my brother Will, “Sometimes you have to sit back, relax, and let go – then….hold on tight as you can for the ride of your life.”

To know if honest love in my Life is real, I have to be comfortable and at ease. I must be able to place great trust in another person. 

It is important for people who love each other to bring out the best in one another.  I must be truly sure that whoever I am with can share a similar view of appreciating good values and love for Life.

All of these things, I am certain………

But, why I love you the most, is because you amaze me with your ways and you can put me to sleep with your breathing. 



Soul Gifts

20 Dec


“Have you ever fallen in Love?  I have never fallen in Love.  If I don’t love you from the minute I meet You, chances are I am not going to love you.  I love almost everyone.  But I can’t say I have fallen in love over time.  Have you ever experienced such a thing?”

Nodding my head yes, my mind drifted far, thinking back to good times.

The conversation I was having was with an 80 year old, exceptionally healthy, sound mind, spiritual woman who does volutenteer work at my job.

She was waiting for me to speak.

“I love each person I meet as well.  However my experience led me to fall in love with someone on a deeper level than when I had met them initially.  Over time my love grew stronger than the beginning.  It just happened without me expecting and things didn’t work out.  The hard part is falling out of love. It’s hard when you feel you are living without someone you couldn’t picture always being involved in your Life.”

The woman looked at me studying my expression.  My face didn’t say much as I didn’t show much emotion.

“Child, I don’t know if you ever fall out of love, but if you can get yourself to a place you feel indifferent and where you don’t care too much to let people affect your mind, that’s the key.  Do you think indifference sounds like a cruel word?

Smiling, “No, it sounds peaceful.”

The woman laughed and said. “Yes it’s a very great way to live Life, being content with anything God hands.”

At first I thought she was onto something that made sense but something wasn’t settling right in my heart.

Thinking about things, I started talking, “It would be nice to be able to cope with anything without giving too much regard, but when I love truly, that is a feeling I can never forget.  My loyalty runs very deep and its hard for me to give up hope that love is good and meant to last, even when things are difficult. My love is something that comes from my soul. Even if Love is not returned, that is ok.”

Friendship, Love and Loyalty are the only true gifts I have to share.

Soul Gifts.

“I keep a close watch on this heart of mine.  I keep my eyes wide open all the time. I keep my ends out for the tie that binds.  Because you’re mine, I walk the line.”   – Johnny Cash



18 Dec


Ever Changing Story

14 Dec

Life is full of many surprises.

Keeping in control of emotions is hard.

These days, I have let my emotions overpower my logic.

There are times I am more upset than I care to be and then I start feeling nervous.  Immediately, I push nervous feelings out of my mind and pray to God to keep me strong and show me peace.

Things are so unsteady in Life that sometimes I wake up already feeling tense.  Real Life haunts my dreams.

Today I woke up with a pit of anxiety in my stomach.  This is not the way to start a day.  So I prayed, I am writing and keeping my mind focused on positive things that make me feel better.

Placing too much trust in people has got me in a challenging and sad situation.

Because I can’t control my situation, I have become irrational and have a hard time handling my very strong emotions.

Losing composure leaves me feeling weak but the only sight I have my eyes focused on is picking up to live my best Life.

There are good people.  There are bad people.  People who will never leave your side and people who will turn their backs.  People will disappoint you and will act in ways that are challenging.

Keep your head up, keep smiling, pray for peace and Live each day doing positive things.  Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Spread Love and Not Hate.  We have one Life to get everything right.