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One Great Big Ball of Life

24 Jan



One of the most interesting parts of Life is that it is impossible to predict what will happen next and surprises arise on a steady pace of regularity.

Regular surprises….two words that contradict each other….. true irony.

Enjoy each and every day, no matter what happens, keep faith and head up with hope for good things and that the true meaning of each day is to maximizing happiness by sharing kindness.  Lead by example.

A Subtle Emphasis

3 Jan


What does it mean to be in Love?

Writing this may be one of the hardest things I have ever written.  Have I ever be in love?  Am I confused as to what it means to be in love?  I’m not sure.  How honest can I be with myself?

When something pulls at your heart, you wonder will it turn out the way you hope?  Wanting something so badly, but knowing right now is impractical.  Do your feelings make sense; does Love fit into your Life the way you thought it would? 

When thinking about love, there is a story two people share – a subtle emphasis of feelings. Feelings that can be non-threatening, self – lying, sacrifice making; self -doubting collision of connection.  

Love is non-threatening because it is subtle.  Love is-self lying because sometimes we purposely push our feelings aside.  Love is a sacrifice because pushing aside feelings can hurt both parties.  Self -doubting because it forces you to make a choice. 
Most importantly, Love is a connection linking people’s most inner thoughts and emotions. 

Every person has a different perspective about Love because not everyone views Life’s experiences the same.  Truthfully it is difficult for me to verbalize my feelings of passion. It is hard for me to put my feelings into words. 

How do people acknowledge feelings that are so deep and intimate? What is love and passion?  Love and passion is being able to look in someone’s eyes and see how they look back – a soft look of hope and understanding; a look of complete comfort. 

You can be the best person you are because your passion is pure. You can communicate without using words.  Some experiences send excitement to the heart which fulfills the soul. 

Pure passion is a force so electrifying; your heart beats faster leaving you breathless.  The world around you seems oblivious. 

Passion cannot be controlled. It is something I feel.  It is something you feel.

Is this passion real? Think about how it feels to pretend that deep feelings like love and passion don’t exist. Can anyone truly control their emotions or passion?  Sometimes I have great control over my emotions.  Other times when my passion grows so intense I lose control.

Once I told my brother Will, “Sometimes you have to sit back, relax, and let go – then….hold on tight as you can for the ride of your life.”

To know if honest love in my Life is real, I have to be comfortable and at ease. I must be able to place great trust in another person. 

It is important for people who love each other to bring out the best in one another.  I must be truly sure that whoever I am with can share a similar view of appreciating good values and love for Life.

All of these things, I am certain………

But, why I love you the most, is because you amaze me with your ways and you can put me to sleep with your breathing. 




30 Dec

CrazyTrain (1)

Often I wonder what takes people past the line of sanity into the realm of “crazy.”

We have all, at one point, felt that Life has gotten “crazy” and that things get out of control from what we would like, but there are people in this World who truly cannot control their emotions.  For the majority of time, they are frustrated, angry, depressed and hopeless.

Some people don’t function on the same plane as most regular people and they are unpredictable in that at any point of time they can go from being fine, to becoming so frustrated internally, that they can’t control their behaviors and regulate their emotions.  Depression can be scary.

Working in a Nursing/Rehabilitation Center has its challenging times.  There are many Psych Residents I work with and watching their behaviors is challenging in that I often find myself wondering what happened to get people into such a state that they have to be institutionalized and that they can’t regulate the flow of their feelings.

Watching people lose control is a constant reminder for me to keep my emotions as positive as I can no matter how hard Life seems.  Watching people who are so internally unsettled makes me consciously strive to keep my faith in God and good people.  Watching people with hurt in their eyes makes me want more than anything to overcome negativity.  Seeing people in pain makes me want to push for goodness.

Life is sensitive and fragile.  It’s important to keep a positive perspective no matter what the circumstance.

In all reality, I am with people who exhibit mental illness, for a great deal of every day.  Although I don’t live in the facility, I spend a lot of my waking time working to help people feel better.

I work closely with people and am able to relate to them on a deep level where they respond to me well and talk to me with a level of deep trust.

Giving people hope and helping people through their hard times is all we can do to make Life easier for everyone.

It’s a fine line to be able to control your mind to keep positive and stay on the high end of optimism as opposed to losing hope and letting go of faith.

No matter what happens, teamwork and being good to each other is essential for happiness and success.

Don’t be a person who contributes to another person’s pain.

Do what you can to make people feel better.

Mind control to help people feel better starts with you and how you treat other people all the time.

Happy Upcoming New Year and a Cheers to gaining good vibes and releasing all pain.

Much Love.


Dradle, Dradle, Dradle, Break Dance!

18 Dec


Working in a Recreation Department of a Nursing Home is challenging in that to keep activities and daily Life interesting/exciting, my team and I must create a schedule of events that are fun and ever changing.  Boredom often occurs when a schedule does not provide much variety in the activities planned for the day.

As the Holiday season is upon us, typically people from the community volunteer.  Nursing Facilities are a popular place that community members/churches enjoy volunteering because there are many people who don’t get visitors.  There are many people who don’t have family or friends, so when local community members are interested in spending time in the facility, it is usually the case that the Residents are happy.

Today, 24 children from a local Jewish school visited to host a Hanukkah bingo game.

The children were young, not one child was over 10 years old.

The children were all really great kids.  They brought an energy that was contagious.  They enjoyed laughing and talking with the Residents.  They set up to play Hanukkah bingo and they sat side by side with the Residents helping them to enjoy the game.   Each time there was a winner, the room erupted in cheer and the kids would yell “Dradle, Dradle, Dradle” and spin around three times.  It wasn’t long before the Residents were yelling along with the kids and shouting in excitement.

Complementing the students to their teacher, I thanked her for taking the time to bring the kids from school to help run a unique program.  Their teacher nodded her head and smiled, “You know, we didn’t take just one class, many of these boys and girls don’t see each other all day, they only learn together for math class.  So they don’t all really even know each other.”

Watching the way the kids interacted with each other was very impressive.  They worked together, they helped each other and it was obvious that they were enjoying themselves.

Wow, you would never know they weren’t friends.”

The teacher smiled and said, “I think that what they are doing, is rising to the occasion.”

Hearing those words, I stopped to contemplate what the teacher had said.

Nodding, I agreed, “That is exactly what these kids are doing, they are rising to the occasion and look at the difference they are making.  Good life can happen when you view things from a positive perspective.”

Being a good leader is helping the people you teach not be afraid to accept challenges.  It is good to introduce people to different ideas and set the example that rising to the occasion to adapt to new settings can be really good and very fulfilling.

Today I learned a very valuable lesson from a group of 8 year olds who really didn’t know each other but pulled together to form a united team that worked together to help other people feel good.

Monday Morning

15 Dec


Weekends go by so quickly and then Monday mornings roll around and the work week starts all over again.

It’s an interesting Life and the surprises never end.

This morning I started my day off in prayer.  Thanking God for my blessings, feeling grateful for good things and keeping hopeful that Life becomes better than it is right now and happiness stays at the forefront of each day.

So have a great day today, slip in a prayer or two of thanks, pray for your family and friends and grab this day by the sunshine and continue on happily and content.

Much Love.  Happy Monday!


Ever Changing Story

14 Dec

Life is full of many surprises.

Keeping in control of emotions is hard.

These days, I have let my emotions overpower my logic.

There are times I am more upset than I care to be and then I start feeling nervous.  Immediately, I push nervous feelings out of my mind and pray to God to keep me strong and show me peace.

Things are so unsteady in Life that sometimes I wake up already feeling tense.  Real Life haunts my dreams.

Today I woke up with a pit of anxiety in my stomach.  This is not the way to start a day.  So I prayed, I am writing and keeping my mind focused on positive things that make me feel better.

Placing too much trust in people has got me in a challenging and sad situation.

Because I can’t control my situation, I have become irrational and have a hard time handling my very strong emotions.

Losing composure leaves me feeling weak but the only sight I have my eyes focused on is picking up to live my best Life.

There are good people.  There are bad people.  People who will never leave your side and people who will turn their backs.  People will disappoint you and will act in ways that are challenging.

Keep your head up, keep smiling, pray for peace and Live each day doing positive things.  Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Spread Love and Not Hate.  We have one Life to get everything right.


King of Pain

14 Dec

It is sad when other people influence others to hate and to be cruel.

In this World there are Leaders and Followers.

Hopefully Leaders spread a good message…….although often this is not the case.

Keep strong.

King Of Pain – The Police (HQ Audio + Lyrics): http://youtu.be/B3l0kpl5tA4



12 Dec

There’s Just No Other Place

Joe Satriani – I Believe: http://youtu.be/siJS3zMj8Jc

So when the odds are against you and you face any self doubt just remember to Believe in yourself and your intuition.

Follow your heart to happiness.  Be good and stay true to yourself and everyone around you in Life.


Joe Satriani – I Believe: http://youtu.be/siJS3zMj8Jc



11 Dec


Tonight I went to go see “Once” with my family.  We bought tickets to celebrate my Father’s Birthday and we headed out for a night on Broadway.

Our seats were incredible and we sat front and center stage.

Watching a show from so close changes everything, as the actors are watching your reaction to the show as closely as you are watching them perform.  It’s very interesting.

“Once” is a very good play.  It captures and explains very deep emotions of passion, heartache, pain, moving on, not letting go and the pursuit of true love and happiness.

The Actors were phenomenal.  They performed with true heartfelt passion for the story and they drew me into each scene.  Sitting very still in my seat, I paid very close attention to the stage and I watched with anticipation and genuine awe for the performance. 

“Once ” captures human emotions that revolve around love and the lengths one will go to hold on to the person that most fulfills their soul in that special way only one person could do…. once in a Life.

Next to the actors, the music in the play was the best part of the show.  Truly outstanding magical music.

More than 5 times, throughout the performance, I was glad to be sipping on a whiskey.  When the emotions ran too high and the actors peered into my eyes too deep, a break in concentration with a sip of a drink.

The show was great.

What I realized from watching “Once” and after everything I experienced today is……

You can’t truly ever really leave your Heart.

Once Music Video: Falling Slowly: http://youtu.be/-GOFQReTlug

Once Music Video: When Your Mind’s Made Up: http://youtu.be/4fTwaLzPCHA


How Can I Put This Best

9 Dec



For thirteen years I went to Catholic schools where I was educated about God, the Bible and the Church. After going to Catholic school from Pre-K to 8th grade, I continued on and graduated from an all-girls Catholic high school.  Even though my high school wasn’t co-ed, my friends and I were well aware of Life outside of school.

Half the time I was in class, my lessons were not first on my mind. The reason for this is I am a daydreamer.  Life revolves around my dreams.  The faith that I have in God has helped me achieve these dreams.

What can I say I know about God?

Knowing that God stands with me has helped keep me safe.  I believe in Jesus and the Saints.  Saints were good people who strove to show compassion and live their lives sharing genuine love.

Writing about something that can’t be proven is difficult.  There is no tangible evidence that God is real.  Without evidence it can be hard for people to believe that God exists.  For some people their faith that God exists allows them to believe.

My proof that God exists comes from thinking of all the times that I was taken out of harm’s way or made my way through tough times.  Knowing that I am being watched leaves me feeling grateful and safe.  My Mom tells me that my Grandmother, her mother looks out for me all the time.

I hope this is true.  I never met my Grandmother.  Sadly, she died one month before I was born.  My Mother was devastated by her terrible loss.  Donna had a rough Life.  With God’s love and my Grandmother’s blessing, she didn’t give up, and because she nurtured her spirit for my sake, she delivered me healthy and strong.  Here I am, 24 years later, blessed by my Mother’s gift, writing my story.

The eternal question – how can God, who has protected me from serious harm – let harm come to so many others?  I have no answers.  Why do some people suffer so greatly, I don’t know. I would love to understand.

I feel truly sad when tragedy strikes.  Talking to God with my mind and my soul, I ask God for guidance to stay on my right path.  There are many times when keeping on the right path is difficult.  I pray for and wish for the well-being of everyone in my Life – actually for the well-being of everyone everywhere.  Hoping that I will stay safe from harm I put my trust in God and his force – knowing if I keep my faith strong, I will succeed in staying happy.  It is important for me to be a good person.

Being a God fearing and respecting person, I carefully try to observe Life by evaluating everything I see.  I often see great and amazing things that leave me profoundly moved by people and their kindness and the compassion they show for others during hard times.  When God is in people’s lives – great things are possible.

Thinking about becoming a better person, I know there are many things I need to improve.  Trying to learn from my experiences, I need to find the strength to accept and forgive myself for my mistakes.

Forgetting is a big part of moving on in Life.  Sometimes, forgetting is very hard to do.  Regret is scary.  Regret can hold people back and confine them to a certain place.  My hope is to have the strength to persevere in picking myself up to live my best Life.

Why has God chosen me to be so lucky?  I have seen many beautiful and interesting things. I have met people and seen places that many others will not have the chance to see or experience.  My answer: I can always find something great by searching for the good in people and Life.  It’s a blessing believing that the love I have for Life and people will keep me strong. How can I keep my faith strong and alive?

I see a beautiful world that I appreciate every day.  I see people who laugh and cry.  I see the sun, stars, water, birds, big buildings and bridges. I love ice cream, pasta, bicycles, boats and good conversations.  I love music.  I enjoy travelling – seeing the differences between people and countries.  I have climbed mountains, walked in desserts, swam in oceans and lakes and have lived in different suburbs and cities.  I have lived in the black part of town and I have lived in the white part of town.

Always I hope for the best for all people.  Believing God helps me to respond to people naturally, when I see someone uncomfortable, I try to help.  A person’s character can be noted by watching their expressions and how they move.

I love people and believe that most everyone has good in them to share.  When I feel lost I look to my dreaming tree for clarity and consolation.  God created my dreaming tree; He sees my dreams.  God is watching.  Life is meant to be great – and of this – we should not lose sight.