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Get Tech?

26 Jan


In a World where technology advances at amazing speeds, it’s hard to keep track of everything that is happening throughout the globe.

Just the other day my Uncle was telling me, with enough money I could buy my own personal submarine that comes with a full training on safety and operation.




Meanwhile, over in Brooklyn I am setting up my wireless HP Officejet Pro 8610 so I can use my scan to email feature.

Sadly, that will be the only jet I embark on today….


Developing new technology usually supports innovative thinking and makes Life easier and more convenient.

Technology advances to serve purpose.

I am thankful for my wireless printer that can scan my paper documents and email them directly to my inbox.  This tool is helping me to achieve my goals……One step at a time.

Jet to Jet….


Hard Work

25 Jan


Hard work is a defining factor that will contribute to success.  When you set a goal, use your passion as a tool to inspire you to achieve great things.  Don’t be afraid to be a Leader and take risks…..no great change comes from people who are scared.

Don’t worry about what other people think and have confidence and belief in your instincts.

Never give up and never give into weakness.  Being strong, working hard, making smart decisions and being a good Leader will be the determining factor of success.

Good Luck and Hustle Strong.


19 Apr


One of the hardest parts of Life is keeping an unfaltering faith in God.

When things are on the good path and everything goes as planned, we are happy people.

When things start to fall apart and Life becomes hard – our happiness is affected and we can become discouraged.  It is not always easy to stay on the positive side of the mind and heart.

During our journey, we will experience surprises that cause heartbreak and are Life altering.  Our challenge is to rise above obstacles in a way that is not harmful.  It is very important not to hurt ourselves or other people. 

So in a time when Life is changing in so many ways, even though some times may be painful and discouraging – I am holding onto my faith to help guide me forward.

When you feel something is right in your heart and love is the most powerful force that exists – things will be ok.

Life is meant to be great and of this we should not lose sight.

Eyes Set

29 Mar


Life is full of action.  These past few months have been a hectic time. 

Obstacles occur in Life that lead us to test our strength and courage.  These days,  often, I find myself questioning my future.

What is in store for me in the upcoming days?  Will I succeed in accomplishing the goals I set out to achieve?  Will I be strong enough to sort through the madness I constantly encounter in this World?

“Worry ends….where Faith begins.”

This is something I am keeping at the front of my mind.

Having Faith is a strength. 

Keeping strong is on the top of my Mind.

Enjoy Your Day!

A Subtle Emphasis

3 Jan


What does it mean to be in Love?

Writing this may be one of the hardest things I have ever written.  Have I ever be in love?  Am I confused as to what it means to be in love?  I’m not sure.  How honest can I be with myself?

When something pulls at your heart, you wonder will it turn out the way you hope?  Wanting something so badly, but knowing right now is impractical.  Do your feelings make sense; does Love fit into your Life the way you thought it would? 

When thinking about love, there is a story two people share – a subtle emphasis of feelings. Feelings that can be non-threatening, self – lying, sacrifice making; self -doubting collision of connection.  

Love is non-threatening because it is subtle.  Love is-self lying because sometimes we purposely push our feelings aside.  Love is a sacrifice because pushing aside feelings can hurt both parties.  Self -doubting because it forces you to make a choice. 
Most importantly, Love is a connection linking people’s most inner thoughts and emotions. 

Every person has a different perspective about Love because not everyone views Life’s experiences the same.  Truthfully it is difficult for me to verbalize my feelings of passion. It is hard for me to put my feelings into words. 

How do people acknowledge feelings that are so deep and intimate? What is love and passion?  Love and passion is being able to look in someone’s eyes and see how they look back – a soft look of hope and understanding; a look of complete comfort. 

You can be the best person you are because your passion is pure. You can communicate without using words.  Some experiences send excitement to the heart which fulfills the soul. 

Pure passion is a force so electrifying; your heart beats faster leaving you breathless.  The world around you seems oblivious. 

Passion cannot be controlled. It is something I feel.  It is something you feel.

Is this passion real? Think about how it feels to pretend that deep feelings like love and passion don’t exist. Can anyone truly control their emotions or passion?  Sometimes I have great control over my emotions.  Other times when my passion grows so intense I lose control.

Once I told my brother Will, “Sometimes you have to sit back, relax, and let go – then….hold on tight as you can for the ride of your life.”

To know if honest love in my Life is real, I have to be comfortable and at ease. I must be able to place great trust in another person. 

It is important for people who love each other to bring out the best in one another.  I must be truly sure that whoever I am with can share a similar view of appreciating good values and love for Life.

All of these things, I am certain………

But, why I love you the most, is because you amaze me with your ways and you can put me to sleep with your breathing. 




12 Dec



11 Dec


Tonight I went to go see “Once” with my family.  We bought tickets to celebrate my Father’s Birthday and we headed out for a night on Broadway.

Our seats were incredible and we sat front and center stage.

Watching a show from so close changes everything, as the actors are watching your reaction to the show as closely as you are watching them perform.  It’s very interesting.

“Once” is a very good play.  It captures and explains very deep emotions of passion, heartache, pain, moving on, not letting go and the pursuit of true love and happiness.

The Actors were phenomenal.  They performed with true heartfelt passion for the story and they drew me into each scene.  Sitting very still in my seat, I paid very close attention to the stage and I watched with anticipation and genuine awe for the performance. 

“Once ” captures human emotions that revolve around love and the lengths one will go to hold on to the person that most fulfills their soul in that special way only one person could do…. once in a Life.

Next to the actors, the music in the play was the best part of the show.  Truly outstanding magical music.

More than 5 times, throughout the performance, I was glad to be sipping on a whiskey.  When the emotions ran too high and the actors peered into my eyes too deep, a break in concentration with a sip of a drink.

The show was great.

What I realized from watching “Once” and after everything I experienced today is……

You can’t truly ever really leave your Heart.

Once Music Video: Falling Slowly: http://youtu.be/-GOFQReTlug

Once Music Video: When Your Mind’s Made Up: http://youtu.be/4fTwaLzPCHA