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Mojo Rising

4 Jan


With the Holidays over and all the chaos that comes along with the rush of the season, it feels good to rest.

Running around at the pace I have been keeping, I have gotten myself sick.  Over the weekend, I am resting my body.

My mind, on a wavelength of it’s own, is still very active and not tired.  On the contrary, I can’t stop thinking about all the different aspects of Life.

Discard regretful decisions, is the thought prominent in my mind.  Regret confines people to a scary place and makes it hard to move past difficulty to better days.  People make mistakes.  It is best to help each other move towards good times.

Embrace motivation, no matter how it is provided.  Take the good or the bad and use it as driving forces to move towards success.

Don’t use people for what you can get, but help people in productive ways with what you can share.

Keep healthy.

Make decisions to keep happy.

Allow forgiveness for hurt received from other people.

Honestly, for over a year, I am going through the hardest times of my Life.  People hit lows on all different levels.  My low point came after experiencing the impact of loss of multiple great people in my Life.

Experiencing loss of such magnitude shook my core foundation of confidence and security. 

Death of loved ones is hard and watching painful death is scary.

Losing friends to Life circumstances is sad. 

Either way losing great people in Life is painful. 

It took some difficult/embarrassing situations for me to realize that I wasn’t dealing with my emotions well and that I was making poor coping decisions. Running too fast for my own peace of mind wasn’t helping me find clarity.

Good and understanding friends help us to stay motivated to keep happy and remind us that Love is present in Life.

Life can be hard for everyone at times, but we always have to try to pick up to be better people.  Giving in to weakness is never one of my options if I have any type of control over a situation.

Keep Faith.

Keep Praying.

Keep moving, until you are able to find Peace.

Never give up on what you know in your heart is right, so when you have inner conviction, follow your intuition.


“And, oh, hold on to what you believe in the light,
When the darkness has robbed you of all your sight.

So hold on to what you believed in the light.” -Mumford & Sons

Mumford and Sons – Hold On To What You Believe: http://youtu.be/d3aaTaDIvOo


World Wide Connect

3 Jan


Reading various blogs about different people is really interesting because I am learning new things about people from all over the World.

When I read stories from people who are sad and hurting, I feel compassion and I want to help make people feel better.

When I read about people who are happy, I feel good and it helps to remind me of the greatness in the World.

When I read about people who are brave, I am inspired to become more bold to believe in myself to not be afraid.  It is ok to take chances to step out of my comfort zone.  Following my heart to happiness is important.  Most often, I am in awe of brave people who don’t let other people’s opinions affect their decisions.  Mostly I am inspired by people who believe in themselves to try something new and do something great.

Life is a learning process and together we live each day as best as possible to feel happy.

God is good.  Keep Going.  Feel Better!  Stay Happy!  Do what you Love!

Keep Reading and Writing.

Thanks for Sharing.

“It’s Alright…..It’s Ok…..I’m Gonna Make It Anyway…..”   – Eminem


Uptown Head High

10 Dec

It has been raining all week.

People become gloomy in the rain!

But there is no need to feel gloomy with good people around who enjoy laughing and fun!

It is important to spread positive energy at any points possible.

Even when things are out of the ordinary or not going to plan.

But since when do plans always go according to what we think……..

We can only work hard to do what we can to live well, enjoy Life and keep happy.

The Flow Must Go anyway you look at it…..so might as well look good.