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Dradle, Dradle, Dradle, Break Dance!

18 Dec


Working in a Recreation Department of a Nursing Home is challenging in that to keep activities and daily Life interesting/exciting, my team and I must create a schedule of events that are fun and ever changing.  Boredom often occurs when a schedule does not provide much variety in the activities planned for the day.

As the Holiday season is upon us, typically people from the community volunteer.  Nursing Facilities are a popular place that community members/churches enjoy volunteering because there are many people who don’t get visitors.  There are many people who don’t have family or friends, so when local community members are interested in spending time in the facility, it is usually the case that the Residents are happy.

Today, 24 children from a local Jewish school visited to host a Hanukkah bingo game.

The children were young, not one child was over 10 years old.

The children were all really great kids.  They brought an energy that was contagious.  They enjoyed laughing and talking with the Residents.  They set up to play Hanukkah bingo and they sat side by side with the Residents helping them to enjoy the game.   Each time there was a winner, the room erupted in cheer and the kids would yell “Dradle, Dradle, Dradle” and spin around three times.  It wasn’t long before the Residents were yelling along with the kids and shouting in excitement.

Complementing the students to their teacher, I thanked her for taking the time to bring the kids from school to help run a unique program.  Their teacher nodded her head and smiled, “You know, we didn’t take just one class, many of these boys and girls don’t see each other all day, they only learn together for math class.  So they don’t all really even know each other.”

Watching the way the kids interacted with each other was very impressive.  They worked together, they helped each other and it was obvious that they were enjoying themselves.

Wow, you would never know they weren’t friends.”

The teacher smiled and said, “I think that what they are doing, is rising to the occasion.”

Hearing those words, I stopped to contemplate what the teacher had said.

Nodding, I agreed, “That is exactly what these kids are doing, they are rising to the occasion and look at the difference they are making.  Good life can happen when you view things from a positive perspective.”

Being a good leader is helping the people you teach not be afraid to accept challenges.  It is good to introduce people to different ideas and set the example that rising to the occasion to adapt to new settings can be really good and very fulfilling.

Today I learned a very valuable lesson from a group of 8 year olds who really didn’t know each other but pulled together to form a united team that worked together to help other people feel good.


12 Dec



10 Dec

During a Fashion event in Brooklyn, NY, I met a violinist named Svet.

I didn’t even notice him at first, but as the DJ played, I was sure that I heard live music.

At first, I was focused on the models and their eccentric outfits.

Hearing the sound of a violin broke my attention from the fashion show, and I scanned over the room, looking for the source of the music.

As the models walked down the run way to various songs, there he was, a young man standing next to the DJ booth playing his violin.

Svet played his violin with passion. He had a uniquely high energy. Each of his notes matched the songs of the DJ. He was excellent.

His music sounded great and he immediately grabbed the attention of the crowd.  They loved his sound.

Music is one of the elements in Life I love the most.

Listening to live violin over hip hop and dance tracks was not a combination I was familiar hearing.

Immediately, I knew I wanted to meet with Svet.  I very much enjoyed the rest of the show and I met with both he and his manager before I left for the night.

Talking to his manager, I explained that I worked in a Nursing Facility and I would love to hire Svet to play for the Residents.

Asking about his rates, I realized that hiring Svet was not in my Nursing Home’s budget.

His manager told me not to worry and if I wanted a performance in the Nursing Home, e-mail him later that week and we could work something out.

True to his word, after some correspondence, Svet’s manager organized a day for Svet to come to the Nursing Facility and play for the Residents.

Svet played his violin for over 2 hours and he gave the Residents of a Brooklyn Nursing home a truly beautiful and powerful musical experience.

It was a day I will never forget.

That was three years ago.

Since then, Svet has traveled around the World bringing his gift of music to people of all cultures and styles.

He shares his talent and he has impacted people from all walks of Life.

Since I last saw Svet, I have followed his career through social media and each time I watch him accomplish something great or have an outstanding performance, I am always happy for him and it always reminds me of the day he rocked Brooklyn.

Two weeks ago, I noticed a text message on my phone, and opened my messagr to find that it was from Svet.

It surprised me to see his name on my Caller ID.

He wanted to know if I would like him to come play a Holiday show for the Residents because he would be in NYC for the Holidays.

Since the last time I saw him, I work in a different facility in Queens, NY.

He didn’t mind to come somewhere new and he is genuinely eager to play for people that he knows can benefit from his music.

Svet will be coming to Hollis, Queens to play a Christmas show for the Residents in less than two weeks and I genuinely cannot wait.

A beautiful spirit with a beautiful violin.

Spread Good Music.

Spread Good Life!