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Wonder. Wand. God. Bam! Poof.

11 Jan

Today I will rest.

Then, I will get up and go outside and join the World.

This weekend has been a crazy weekend in that I haven’t stopped moving and there have been extreme out of the ordinary circumstances.

My friend Sill always says that in our Lives, “The Wonders Never Cease.”

She is surely right.

Wondering is part of the beauty of living.

I wonder about the things I experience and the things I see all day long.

Wonder about Wonderful things.

Pull them from deep within and make them happen in your reality.

Last time I wondered something amazing, I found myself in Paradise Islands swimming in the most beautiful, clear blue water I have ever seen.

It is a curious nature to lead people to wonder about the spectacular  things that can happen when they are dreamed by your heart and wished into existence.

Wonder about greatness and beauty. Look around to see what you find.

The World is a Magnificent Place.


“Because maybe…..You’re gonna be the one that saves me….And after all….You’re my Wonderwall.”-Oasis

Wonderwall ; Oasis. ~with lyrics: http://youtu.be/SLZ7uzFIMoY

World Wide Connect

3 Jan


Reading various blogs about different people is really interesting because I am learning new things about people from all over the World.

When I read stories from people who are sad and hurting, I feel compassion and I want to help make people feel better.

When I read about people who are happy, I feel good and it helps to remind me of the greatness in the World.

When I read about people who are brave, I am inspired to become more bold to believe in myself to not be afraid.  It is ok to take chances to step out of my comfort zone.  Following my heart to happiness is important.  Most often, I am in awe of brave people who don’t let other people’s opinions affect their decisions.  Mostly I am inspired by people who believe in themselves to try something new and do something great.

Life is a learning process and together we live each day as best as possible to feel happy.

God is good.  Keep Going.  Feel Better!  Stay Happy!  Do what you Love!

Keep Reading and Writing.

Thanks for Sharing.

“It’s Alright…..It’s Ok…..I’m Gonna Make It Anyway…..”   – Eminem



30 Dec

CrazyTrain (1)

Often I wonder what takes people past the line of sanity into the realm of “crazy.”

We have all, at one point, felt that Life has gotten “crazy” and that things get out of control from what we would like, but there are people in this World who truly cannot control their emotions.  For the majority of time, they are frustrated, angry, depressed and hopeless.

Some people don’t function on the same plane as most regular people and they are unpredictable in that at any point of time they can go from being fine, to becoming so frustrated internally, that they can’t control their behaviors and regulate their emotions.  Depression can be scary.

Working in a Nursing/Rehabilitation Center has its challenging times.  There are many Psych Residents I work with and watching their behaviors is challenging in that I often find myself wondering what happened to get people into such a state that they have to be institutionalized and that they can’t regulate the flow of their feelings.

Watching people lose control is a constant reminder for me to keep my emotions as positive as I can no matter how hard Life seems.  Watching people who are so internally unsettled makes me consciously strive to keep my faith in God and good people.  Watching people with hurt in their eyes makes me want more than anything to overcome negativity.  Seeing people in pain makes me want to push for goodness.

Life is sensitive and fragile.  It’s important to keep a positive perspective no matter what the circumstance.

In all reality, I am with people who exhibit mental illness, for a great deal of every day.  Although I don’t live in the facility, I spend a lot of my waking time working to help people feel better.

I work closely with people and am able to relate to them on a deep level where they respond to me well and talk to me with a level of deep trust.

Giving people hope and helping people through their hard times is all we can do to make Life easier for everyone.

It’s a fine line to be able to control your mind to keep positive and stay on the high end of optimism as opposed to losing hope and letting go of faith.

No matter what happens, teamwork and being good to each other is essential for happiness and success.

Don’t be a person who contributes to another person’s pain.

Do what you can to make people feel better.

Mind control to help people feel better starts with you and how you treat other people all the time.

Happy Upcoming New Year and a Cheers to gaining good vibes and releasing all pain.

Much Love.


Keep Going

29 Dec


Life is comprised of a series of challenges that tests our ability to live as good people.

With all the surrounding negative events that happen, it is sometimes difficult to feel happy and to keep a positive disposition.

Don’t give up to pain.

There are many things in the World that we can’t control but we can make a conscious effort to do things each day that make Life better for ourselves and for other people.

Make a decision to spread Love.

Make a decision to live Your best Life.

“I don’t know, but I been told, you never slow down, you never grow old.”  – Tom Petty


Good Spirit

26 Dec


This Christmas I definitely received many gifts.  Generousity is a strong trait from many people in my Life and we enjoy giving and making each other happy.

Material things are awesome and I am grateful!!  But, Christmas isn’t all about gifts.  Christmas is about spending time with loved ones and working together to feel good.

Positive teamwork breaks barriers and boundaries.  Miracles do exist.   This, I know for sure.

Each person has their own views on God, Jesus and Faith but remember that all good things are fueled by Love.

God is good; take a look around at all the beautiful gifts we receive from the World.

Keep a good spirit and a Very Merry Christmas to You and your Family.


Together We Vow Our Colors Will Sparkle The Fade

18 Dec


Dradle, Dradle, Dradle, Break Dance!

18 Dec


Working in a Recreation Department of a Nursing Home is challenging in that to keep activities and daily Life interesting/exciting, my team and I must create a schedule of events that are fun and ever changing.  Boredom often occurs when a schedule does not provide much variety in the activities planned for the day.

As the Holiday season is upon us, typically people from the community volunteer.  Nursing Facilities are a popular place that community members/churches enjoy volunteering because there are many people who don’t get visitors.  There are many people who don’t have family or friends, so when local community members are interested in spending time in the facility, it is usually the case that the Residents are happy.

Today, 24 children from a local Jewish school visited to host a Hanukkah bingo game.

The children were young, not one child was over 10 years old.

The children were all really great kids.  They brought an energy that was contagious.  They enjoyed laughing and talking with the Residents.  They set up to play Hanukkah bingo and they sat side by side with the Residents helping them to enjoy the game.   Each time there was a winner, the room erupted in cheer and the kids would yell “Dradle, Dradle, Dradle” and spin around three times.  It wasn’t long before the Residents were yelling along with the kids and shouting in excitement.

Complementing the students to their teacher, I thanked her for taking the time to bring the kids from school to help run a unique program.  Their teacher nodded her head and smiled, “You know, we didn’t take just one class, many of these boys and girls don’t see each other all day, they only learn together for math class.  So they don’t all really even know each other.”

Watching the way the kids interacted with each other was very impressive.  They worked together, they helped each other and it was obvious that they were enjoying themselves.

Wow, you would never know they weren’t friends.”

The teacher smiled and said, “I think that what they are doing, is rising to the occasion.”

Hearing those words, I stopped to contemplate what the teacher had said.

Nodding, I agreed, “That is exactly what these kids are doing, they are rising to the occasion and look at the difference they are making.  Good life can happen when you view things from a positive perspective.”

Being a good leader is helping the people you teach not be afraid to accept challenges.  It is good to introduce people to different ideas and set the example that rising to the occasion to adapt to new settings can be really good and very fulfilling.

Today I learned a very valuable lesson from a group of 8 year olds who really didn’t know each other but pulled together to form a united team that worked together to help other people feel good.