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Keep Going

29 Dec


Life is comprised of a series of challenges that tests our ability to live as good people.

With all the surrounding negative events that happen, it is sometimes difficult to feel happy and to keep a positive disposition.

Don’t give up to pain.

There are many things in the World that we can’t control but we can make a conscious effort to do things each day that make Life better for ourselves and for other people.

Make a decision to spread Love.

Make a decision to live Your best Life.

“I don’t know, but I been told, you never slow down, you never grow old.”  – Tom Petty


Together We Vow Our Colors Will Sparkle The Fade

18 Dec



12 Dec



12 Dec

Today, for lunch,  I was going to have Seafood Soup from a Jamaican restaurant.

However, one of the Residents in the Nursing Facility where I work, hit the mid day lotto numbers, won $500 dollars and insisted that he buy my staff and I lunch to show appreciation for the work we do every day.

That is such a nice thing to do and it genuinely makes me feel good that he wants to acknowledge the hard work of my staff.

It makes me proud that we are running a Recreation department that the Residents are happy with and that they think we are doing a good job.

My staff is comprised of very hard workers and each day I am grateful to have them in my Life.  Every day I learn something new from them and we help each other grow to become better people.

So, for today, the sea food soup in on hold.

Describe Your Life in Two Words   :   Seafood Soup!

Uptown Head High

10 Dec

It has been raining all week.

People become gloomy in the rain!

But there is no need to feel gloomy with good people around who enjoy laughing and fun!

It is important to spread positive energy at any points possible.

Even when things are out of the ordinary or not going to plan.

But since when do plans always go according to what we think……..

We can only work hard to do what we can to live well, enjoy Life and keep happy.

The Flow Must Go anyway you look at it…..so might as well look good.