3 Nov

Changes Crossroad Sign

Life has an amazing way of shaking things up when everything just seems to be moving on a good, steady pace.

People often complain about change.  However, think how boring Life would be if everything stayed the same all the time.

Adventure would be scarce and the element of surprise wouldn’t be an exciting force.

Cheers to keeping hold of what is near and dear………and letting go of fear of what is to come and the new opportunities that arise as result of change.

Enjoy your day, change your path, change your thought process and focus on good Life.


19 Apr


One of the hardest parts of Life is keeping an unfaltering faith in God.

When things are on the good path and everything goes as planned, we are happy people.

When things start to fall apart and Life becomes hard – our happiness is affected and we can become discouraged.  It is not always easy to stay on the positive side of the mind and heart.

During our journey, we will experience surprises that cause heartbreak and are Life altering.  Our challenge is to rise above obstacles in a way that is not harmful.  It is very important not to hurt ourselves or other people. 

So in a time when Life is changing in so many ways, even though some times may be painful and discouraging – I am holding onto my faith to help guide me forward.

When you feel something is right in your heart and love is the most powerful force that exists – things will be ok.

Life is meant to be great and of this we should not lose sight.

Ride the Vibe

18 Apr


In Life, the best we can do is to use our bravery and courage to do things that help make our World a better place.

Treat people with respect and dignity.  Acknowledge other people’s perspectives and figure out how you can best contribute your piece of goodness to the atmosphere.

Stay Strong and Always Keep Trying.


4 Apr


Life never stops handing us surprises.  It’s very interesting to feel that just when things are going smoothly and it seems like everything is ok- BOOM – Life presents us with a situation that is challenging and leads us to test our strength and ability to be a good person.  There is a lot of hatred in the World and it genuinely makes me sad that people can be so cruel and mean to each other. 

Being raised Catholic, I have read, many times, the story of Good Friday and of the Crucifixion of Jesus.  It disturbs me very much that sometimes people bond together to use their power for cruelty.  This is something that still happens in the World and nothing has changed.

People still hate, people murder, people are ruthless…..

But there are also Great people….who aspire and inspire to change the World to make it a better and happier place.  They break boundaries by sharing their courage and love and they help remind us what Life is about – sharing greatness and helping each other Live to feel good.

So let go of anger and remember that Life is a Gift and we create as much goodness or badness as we keep in our mind and heart.

So always focus on Love and being a good person.  Doing this shows strength beyond living to hurt people.

God Bless You and Always be Thankful.

Roll and Coast….errrr?

2 Apr


It is hard to manage emotions.  Some days it is easier than others to feel waves of good feelings.  Other days Life feels a little stormy and it’s hard to keep afloat in all the madness in the World.

It’s hard to figure out why some people act the way they do, but the key is to focus first on You – in order to keep movement progressing in a positive direction.

All you can do is try your best and be a person who keeps things flowing smoothly.

There will be obstacles.

Keep Swimming.

Eyes Set

29 Mar


Life is full of action.  These past few months have been a hectic time. 

Obstacles occur in Life that lead us to test our strength and courage.  These days,  often, I find myself questioning my future.

What is in store for me in the upcoming days?  Will I succeed in accomplishing the goals I set out to achieve?  Will I be strong enough to sort through the madness I constantly encounter in this World?

“Worry ends….where Faith begins.”

This is something I am keeping at the front of my mind.

Having Faith is a strength. 

Keeping strong is on the top of my Mind.

Enjoy Your Day!

No Control For Life Flow

24 Feb


One of the hardest things in Life is keeping self control and holding on to Faith.  Life sometimes takes a course that isn’t favorable.  When things don’t go according to plan, it’s not the easiest to feel good and keep a positive mind.

In order to keep strong, genuine vibes, I try to let go of keeping in control and give God my faith that I am doing the best job in my power to be a good person.

Having peace in my heart isn’t something I can always achieve but I will not live in fear because deep within my soul I know Life is meant to be great.

I trust in God and Goodness.

Love is the most powerful force in the World.

Confidence in following my intuition has led me to witness many amazing things in the World. 

Following my intuition, has also led me to heartbreak.  But without pain, I might never know what really fills my heart with excitment and moves me to witness and sometimes even be a part of creating miracles.

Life is the most beautiful gift to be received and it is my pleasure to work together with people to spread greatness along the way.

“Hope you’ll be by me then…..”.    #27 #DMB