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Rest Less Rest

10 Jan


It is important to keep busy and it is necessary to stay involved in parts of Life that keep you happy and motivated to be a better person.

In a World full of unrest, it is wise to think truly about the best ways to contribute to the goodness of the World and how to make things better in your scope of reach.

Judgments and words are easy to give but using your drive and utilizing your skills to help others is a true act of courage.

Don’t be afraid.

Keep Going.


3 Nov

Changes Crossroad Sign

Life has an amazing way of shaking things up when everything just seems to be moving on a good, steady pace.

People often complain about change.  However, think how boring Life would be if everything stayed the same all the time.

Adventure would be scarce and the element of surprise wouldn’t be an exciting force.

Cheers to keeping hold of what is near and dear………and letting go of fear of what is to come and the new opportunities that arise as result of change.

Enjoy your day, change your path, change your thought process and focus on good Life.

My Love is Your Love – All Day Every Day.

28 Jan