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Life Freeze

29 Jan


Finding out that someone you Love is a drug addict is scary. When you can see the hurt in their face and the weakness in their spirit, this can be heartbreaking.

Wanting to help someone kick their addiction is having a real wish for powerful change.

Why can only  some people beat their demons while others get destroyed?

How can I be a good friend and how can I best help an addict ? 

How much can my faith and love move you forward to want to live better? How can I help in the best way to make you realize that strength comes from within and you can push hard from inside and break free from this pain and sadness.

So you have a 2nd chance, I wish to show you to embrace what you enjoy about Life and how it is incredible and worth living.  With positive vibes you give yourself a break and remember what you love about yourself.

You start to heal and forgive yourself for letting an addiction get the best of you….and because it wasn’t something that beat you in the end…..your triumph reigns more important than anything because you pulled through for your sake and for the sake of your family and friends who love you.

Life is a crazy journey.  Hold on tight, treat yourself right, don’t give up, resolve and recapture your soul.

We miss you and love you….so come enjoy your time and live with love.

Get Tech?

26 Jan


In a World where technology advances at amazing speeds, it’s hard to keep track of everything that is happening throughout the globe.

Just the other day my Uncle was telling me, with enough money I could buy my own personal submarine that comes with a full training on safety and operation.




Meanwhile, over in Brooklyn I am setting up my wireless HP Officejet Pro 8610 so I can use my scan to email feature.

Sadly, that will be the only jet I embark on today….


Developing new technology usually supports innovative thinking and makes Life easier and more convenient.

Technology advances to serve purpose.

I am thankful for my wireless printer that can scan my paper documents and email them directly to my inbox.  This tool is helping me to achieve my goals……One step at a time.

Jet to Jet….


Hard Work

25 Jan


Hard work is a defining factor that will contribute to success.  When you set a goal, use your passion as a tool to inspire you to achieve great things.  Don’t be afraid to be a Leader and take risks… great change comes from people who are scared.

Don’t worry about what other people think and have confidence and belief in your instincts.

Never give up and never give into weakness.  Being strong, working hard, making smart decisions and being a good Leader will be the determining factor of success.

Good Luck and Hustle Strong.

One Great Big Ball of Life

24 Jan



One of the most interesting parts of Life is that it is impossible to predict what will happen next and surprises arise on a steady pace of regularity.

Regular surprises….two words that contradict each other….. true irony.

Enjoy each and every day, no matter what happens, keep faith and head up with hope for good things and that the true meaning of each day is to maximizing happiness by sharing kindness.  Lead by example.

Face Take Two

19 Jan


In Life, it takes a lot of courage, patience and determination to stand strong against people who don’t have your best interest in your heart.

Not everyone in the World had the same values and not everyone has the same opportunities.  It’s interesting how deeply people affect each other.

These days I am focusing on making sure that negativity stays far from my mind.  Spreading love and goodness will be on the forefront of my mind.  Not everyone shares the same views or perception.

Why do people do bad things?

If we only knew the answer to that question.

Rest Less Rest

10 Jan


It is important to keep busy and it is necessary to stay involved in parts of Life that keep you happy and motivated to be a better person.

In a World full of unrest, it is wise to think truly about the best ways to contribute to the goodness of the World and how to make things better in your scope of reach.

Judgments and words are easy to give but using your drive and utilizing your skills to help others is a true act of courage.

Don’t be afraid.

Keep Going.