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8 Nov


The way people interact is very interesting.  The unspoken vibe people feel from each other without speaking a word is outstanding.

The person who makes you feel great to be around and comfortable to be yourself at all times is someone who is nice to spend time with and enjoy.

The person who makes you feel weird and strange is someone you don’t feel good being around and you know from within that something is wrong.

The person who makes you feel excited and brave to step out of your comfort zone to be adventerous and try something new is someone who helps you to break limits.

The person who is mean and goes out of their way to do harm because they are unsettled within themselves is someone who you won’t want to be near.

There are all types of people in the world and if you can add positivity to another’s Life and do things that make them feel good and be better…..take the great road and enjoy all Life’s good gifts.

On this Life Journey, we will make mistakes, so own up to them, realize how you can be better, forgive yourself and move on to better Life.

We have the ability to be great and spread Love, so do everything possible to give to people the very best parts of you and leave them better and more enriched people for having to cross your path.

Set the Tone.


3 Nov

Changes Crossroad Sign

Life has an amazing way of shaking things up when everything just seems to be moving on a good, steady pace.

People often complain about change.  However, think how boring Life would be if everything stayed the same all the time.

Adventure would be scarce and the element of surprise wouldn’t be an exciting force.

Cheers to keeping hold of what is near and dear………and letting go of fear of what is to come and the new opportunities that arise as result of change.

Enjoy your day, change your path, change your thought process and focus on good Life.