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No Control For Life Flow

24 Feb


One of the hardest things in Life is keeping self control and holding on to Faith.  Life sometimes takes a course that isn’t favorable.  When things don’t go according to plan, it’s not the easiest to feel good and keep a positive mind.

In order to keep strong, genuine vibes, I try to let go of keeping in control and give God my faith that I am doing the best job in my power to be a good person.

Having peace in my heart isn’t something I can always achieve but I will not live in fear because deep within my soul I know Life is meant to be great.

I trust in God and Goodness.

Love is the most powerful force in the World.

Confidence in following my intuition has led me to witness many amazing things in the World. 

Following my intuition, has also led me to heartbreak.  But without pain, I might never know what really fills my heart with excitment and moves me to witness and sometimes even be a part of creating miracles.

Life is the most beautiful gift to be received and it is my pleasure to work together with people to spread greatness along the way.

“Hope you’ll be by me then…..”.    #27 #DMB

Eye See You

22 Feb


Life is a fragile gift that many people take for granted.

Each day I read news regarding senseless violence that stems from  greed and hate.

More often, than not, I find myself watching people hurt others and cause destruction instead of helping or lending positive encouragement.

In my heart it never feels right to hurt someone on purpose.

In my mind, it is important for me to help people progress in Life for the better.

Maximizing on helping people reach their best potential is my main focus when I am moving through Life.

Many people have negative opinions regarding other’s actions.  So many are judgmental and hateful.

Perhaps it is time to look within and start change the only way that matters most……from within yourself. 

Don’t judge, you are your own person with a choice to spread love and not hate.

It’s a terrible shame when people are influenced poorly and base their actions according to the opinions of others.

Be a Brave Leader and inspire your World to become a better place.

Peace in your Life will come from helping those around you Live a better Life.

Selfless > Selfish.

Hanging Tree

16 Feb