Beating Drum

3 Jan


There is always so much on the mind.  Life is a series of interesting events.  So much happens throughout the course of one year.

It’s amazing how quickly things can change.  This is one of the most fascinating parts of Life, the unforseen events that take place and the unpredictability of each day.

Learning to keep a positive mind will help good things to occur.  Wishing for the best for everyone is one way to achieve happiness.

In Life things won’t always go the way we wish, but keeping faith in ourselves and God will keep peace in our hearts.

Negativity needs to be managed and the focus of the mind should be on what beneficial and positive actions we can take to improve our surroundings.

Not everyone will be understanding and some people will be cruel.  Situations are sometimes difficult and our will to live as good, loving people will constantly be tested.

Do what you can to make your best Life.  Support other people and make your way through each day with as much grace and mind control as you can to see Life through beautiful eyes.

Most importantly, try to see the Lives of other people from different perspectives.  Things in Life change and progress.  Not everything stays the same, so seeing how other people view things can help you to become better people and give you the ability to grow, share and teach.

“My heart is a beating drum
Moves mountains it’s so strong
My love is a silent song
Everybody moves
Everybody moves

And I wait all day, I won’t give up
’Till the sound of the drums bring you back to Love
And I wait all day, I won’t give up

Back to love
Back to love”. – Armin Van Buuren feat. Laura Jansen

Armin van Buuren – Sound of the Drums Feat. Laura…:

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