3 Dec

The best kinds of people are the ones who make you feel alive, who show you new things, who help you break limits and who teach you that just when you think that there is nothing else to learn or see –

The World is very big you see…….

A lesson learned, knowledge gained, happy feelings, not in pain…………

So while the World around is spinning fast, remember the person who makes you laugh, who reminds you how great it is to live and how it’s always important to give – love and light and everything good – and this is doing everything we could to contribute a piece of greatness to the World.

2 Responses to “HERE’S THE THING………….”

  1. beandbenotafraid January 7, 2015 at 10:28 am #

    that’s beautiful. if i ever get married maybe that’ll be part of my speech.

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