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31 Dec


New Year rings in at midnight.

People vow that at the turn of the day, things in their Lives will change, things will improve and things will get better than they were yesterday.

Motivation comes in all forms.

Don’t need to wait for the change of a New Year to start what you want to achieve today.

It is always a good time to be your best self so either today or tomorrow if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, remember to keep hope and never give up faith.

Success comes from the heart and soul you share with the World.

Yesterday, Tomorrow…..but most importantly Today.

Forgive old mistakes and look forward to new achievements.

Happy Times!  And A Great Upcoming Year to All People.

“Everything that kills me……makes me feel alive. Counting Stars” – One Republic


30 Dec

CrazyTrain (1)

Often I wonder what takes people past the line of sanity into the realm of “crazy.”

We have all, at one point, felt that Life has gotten “crazy” and that things get out of control from what we would like, but there are people in this World who truly cannot control their emotions.  For the majority of time, they are frustrated, angry, depressed and hopeless.

Some people don’t function on the same plane as most regular people and they are unpredictable in that at any point of time they can go from being fine, to becoming so frustrated internally, that they can’t control their behaviors and regulate their emotions.  Depression can be scary.

Working in a Nursing/Rehabilitation Center has its challenging times.  There are many Psych Residents I work with and watching their behaviors is challenging in that I often find myself wondering what happened to get people into such a state that they have to be institutionalized and that they can’t regulate the flow of their feelings.

Watching people lose control is a constant reminder for me to keep my emotions as positive as I can no matter how hard Life seems.  Watching people who are so internally unsettled makes me consciously strive to keep my faith in God and good people.  Watching people with hurt in their eyes makes me want more than anything to overcome negativity.  Seeing people in pain makes me want to push for goodness.

Life is sensitive and fragile.  It’s important to keep a positive perspective no matter what the circumstance.

In all reality, I am with people who exhibit mental illness, for a great deal of every day.  Although I don’t live in the facility, I spend a lot of my waking time working to help people feel better.

I work closely with people and am able to relate to them on a deep level where they respond to me well and talk to me with a level of deep trust.

Giving people hope and helping people through their hard times is all we can do to make Life easier for everyone.

It’s a fine line to be able to control your mind to keep positive and stay on the high end of optimism as opposed to losing hope and letting go of faith.

No matter what happens, teamwork and being good to each other is essential for happiness and success.

Don’t be a person who contributes to another person’s pain.

Do what you can to make people feel better.

Mind control to help people feel better starts with you and how you treat other people all the time.

Happy Upcoming New Year and a Cheers to gaining good vibes and releasing all pain.

Much Love.

Keep Going

29 Dec


Life is comprised of a series of challenges that tests our ability to live as good people.

With all the surrounding negative events that happen, it is sometimes difficult to feel happy and to keep a positive disposition.

Don’t give up to pain.

There are many things in the World that we can’t control but we can make a conscious effort to do things each day that make Life better for ourselves and for other people.

Make a decision to spread Love.

Make a decision to live Your best Life.

“I don’t know, but I been told, you never slow down, you never grow old.”  – Tom Petty

No Other

26 Dec


“People call us renegades because we like living Crazy.”

Good Spirit

26 Dec


This Christmas I definitely received many gifts.  Generousity is a strong trait from many people in my Life and we enjoy giving and making each other happy.

Material things are awesome and I am grateful!!  But, Christmas isn’t all about gifts.  Christmas is about spending time with loved ones and working together to feel good.

Positive teamwork breaks barriers and boundaries.  Miracles do exist.   This, I know for sure.

Each person has their own views on God, Jesus and Faith but remember that all good things are fueled by Love.

God is good; take a look around at all the beautiful gifts we receive from the World.

Keep a good spirit and a Very Merry Christmas to You and your Family.

“There’s Somebody Singing A Holiday Tune…..”

23 Dec


With so many negative things happening in our World, let’s give some time to appreciate our NYPD, FDNY and all those who sacrifice for the well being of other people.

“There’s snow in the air
Winter is here
The wind in blowing
And outsides so clear
There’s presents to wrap
And cards to send
It’s Christmas in New York again

There’s somebody singing a holiday song
You pick up the tune and start singing along
You learned the words some time way back when
It’s Christmas in New York again

Fancy store windows and millions of lights
Downtown in December, what a fabulous sight

You spin round and round trying to take it all in
Its christmas in New York again

But as you gather round the table
With everyone you feel that something has been left undone
The tree is all trimmed, your shopping is through
But there’s one last thing you still have to do

It’s Christmas eve, 11 pm
You walk down to the church and you quietly go in
You kneel down in the last pew right on the aisle
And say “God, I know its been a while
But can you do me a favor on this christmas eve
Can you send some blessing to people for me
You know these past few months have been kinda tough

And we could all use a little love
So bless New York’s finest, our Angels in Blue
Giving us hope and helping us through
And bless new yorks bravest, the F.D.N.Y.
Giving their sweat and their tears and their lives

And bless all the medics and our troops over seas
Bless the guys in the hardhats, removing debris
Bless the everyday people who answered the call
Bless those who gave some and those who gave all

Bless all the souls who left us this year
You may be gone but you’ll always be hear
Singing and dancing with family and friends
It’s Christmas in New York again

And theres snow in the air
Winter is here
The wind is blowing and outsides so clear
There’s presents to wrap and cards to send
It’s Christmas in New York again

fa la la la la la la la la la

It’s Christmas in New York again”

Enjoy the Music!

Open Your Ears, I Am Talking About You.

23 Dec


Frequently, these days, I am noticing circumstances where people aren’t living the way they want because they are sincerely scared of other people’s negative opinions and criticism.

In recent multiple events, I have had experiences watching/listening to people form their course of action based upon the judgments they receive from other people.

This leaves me wondering what do those scared type of people live for and what is the drive to make them feel good?

It took some time for me to realize that people who are afraid of everyone else’s opinions, don’t ever truly feel good.

Knowing that there are people who don’t feel good because they are afraid of others, breaks my heart.

Peace and Love I wish for everyone and always remember to follow your soul and your intuition.

If you aren’t doing anything to hurt anyone, then you aren’t doing anything wrong.

So maybe then you can smile a bit, take a look around at the World’s beauty and stop being so hard on yourself.

“This night, We Pray,
Our Lives, Will Show,
This Dream, He Had,
Each Child, Still Knows     –  Christmas Cannon


22 Dec

Inside Out

21 Dec


After years of work, Inside Out, my first novel, will be released in 2015.

It has been an amazing journey successfully completing a novel.

Soul Gifts

20 Dec


“Have you ever fallen in Love?  I have never fallen in Love.  If I don’t love you from the minute I meet You, chances are I am not going to love you.  I love almost everyone.  But I can’t say I have fallen in love over time.  Have you ever experienced such a thing?”

Nodding my head yes, my mind drifted far, thinking back to good times.

The conversation I was having was with an 80 year old, exceptionally healthy, sound mind, spiritual woman who does volutenteer work at my job.

She was waiting for me to speak.

“I love each person I meet as well.  However my experience led me to fall in love with someone on a deeper level than when I had met them initially.  Over time my love grew stronger than the beginning.  It just happened without me expecting and things didn’t work out.  The hard part is falling out of love. It’s hard when you feel you are living without someone you couldn’t picture always being involved in your Life.”

The woman looked at me studying my expression.  My face didn’t say much as I didn’t show much emotion.

“Child, I don’t know if you ever fall out of love, but if you can get yourself to a place you feel indifferent and where you don’t care too much to let people affect your mind, that’s the key.  Do you think indifference sounds like a cruel word?

Smiling, “No, it sounds peaceful.”

The woman laughed and said. “Yes it’s a very great way to live Life, being content with anything God hands.”

At first I thought she was onto something that made sense but something wasn’t settling right in my heart.

Thinking about things, I started talking, “It would be nice to be able to cope with anything without giving too much regard, but when I love truly, that is a feeling I can never forget.  My loyalty runs very deep and its hard for me to give up hope that love is good and meant to last, even when things are difficult. My love is something that comes from my soul. Even if Love is not returned, that is ok.”

Friendship, Love and Loyalty are the only true gifts I have to share.

Soul Gifts.

“I keep a close watch on this heart of mine.  I keep my eyes wide open all the time. I keep my ends out for the tie that binds.  Because you’re mine, I walk the line.”   – Johnny Cash